String Art

What is String ARt

String Art is frequency encoded mandala art.

Fine pattern and geometric art made with nails and thread. These shapes form a powerful arwork – a mandala, or a pattern with power, a portal that carries powerful energy.

String-Art is created from a design on paper. Then, by pulling thread between the  nails, geometric shapes and patterns are formed, creating a fully multidimensional visually beautiful and enchanting piece of art, which comes in a handcrafted frame with a built-in UV light strip.

By using the String-Art technique, the work becomes multidimensional, which gives the picture even more depth. And thanks to the threads glowing in UV light, the piece comes to life even more.

If you like to take care of your home / temple and decorate it in a special way, you like visual and unique works of art, then this is the art you might like.

These works are ideal for home, events, rooms, cafes & restaurants and also for companies if you want to add outstanding uniqueness to the environment.

And at the same time, it is also a great, memorable and cool gift

Every time you look at these images, you see new patterns, codes and geometries emerging. You can also use these works in meditations, by simply relaxing and inhaling these geometries into your pineal gland (3rd eye), these images will begin to speak to you in the language of frequency.

String-Art works are ALWAYS unique and special, just like every person, their environment and their business.

Custom Orders

I have also created several custom orders where the client tells me keywords and accordingly I create geometric art through my own deep feeling, intuition and awareness

If you are interested in a special order – a work created especially for you (in all sizes and variations, with/without UV light), please contact me!