Artjom / Art I Am – is a conscious dance and meditation music DJ and music producer, sound therapist, energy healer. He also creates “string art” style art and graphic design. Artjom has been on the sound therapy journey for over 4 years and has conducted large and small group and individual sessions.
The music that Art I Am performs and produces is a very wide spectrum of downtempo, psybass, psychilli, ambient, tribal, meditative and everything that feeds the soul and reconnects the heart. 
All music is created from the heart and with a intention to guide and bring us closer to our hearts and to connect us with our innate being

I personally believe that the listener does not only hear the sounds, but also feels the frequencies what the artist emits in the creative process.

For me, music means the dance of life, art. Music and sounds are powerful tools through which you can go on deeper journey into yourself.

It is like a trip to another world, another dimension. Space, outside of time.

I believe that our current understanding of “life” can be transformed through music and sounds into a more co-creative and loving environment where we all move closer to our true selves.

How did my journey began?

Being in Hardstyle music scene for almost 10 years and now reconnected to the sound frequencies that come and speak through the soul.

My music journey started 14-15 years ago with Hardstyle music. In fact, maybe even a little earlier, when my classmates introduced me to the music production program. I had a huge interest in it and started to learn and explore on my own. I tried different genres, DNB, hip-hop, trance, but I stayed on Hardstyle for quite a long time. It was probably my way of living out.

At some point I started producing hardstyle music and went deeper into that world. I played at big festivals in Europe and Estonia and also made my own album

But there was something missing… and that something was depth, that  makes you feel like you’re in an endless realm of consciousness, that emotion and feeling where the music can take the listener. At one point, I realized  why I make this kind of music is to gain recognition and fame, to belong somewhere,  to show everyone what I’m capable of, but it was all ego-based. The reason behind it was that I was bullied at school and I wanted to show it to others and of course the “notice me” program. A beautiful and powerful realization when I fully unraveled it. I had an album in the making, consisting of 21 songs, in which I started to introduce more organic sounds, binaural tones and vocals with deep messages. I have always had my own signature and uniqueness in producing music. I’ve never been one to do what other people want (in the hardstyle landscape, and I also believe in other genres, it’s pretty much based on doing something that people like). At some point, when I started to feel more sounds and how they affect the energetic/subtle body, I realized that this music what I was creating at this time is more disruptive and “outward expression”. At that moment those illusions were shattered and I began to feel more excited about the music that really takes you on a deeper journey, makes every cell in your body dance… I would say, Like an endless dance of the universe. When you close your eyes and dive into this heavenly trance state.

I ended my music career in the Hardstyle scene, gave away the album as it was and gave away all the projects, sounds – in short, all my life’s work in this genre, to those people who needed them more. I surrendered into complete unknown .

I had to make room for something new by releasing and letting go of the old that no longer supported and served me. And in this emptiness I came up with the name Art I Am. This is me creating sounds, music and art

I want to share these sounds and touch people’s hearts and souls. My journey/mission is to raise the collective frequency through music and art created from the space of the heart.

At the same time, I became interested in going even deeper into the world of sounds, and I immersed myself in the world of sound therapy.

All music is made with love and a intention to support and bring us closer to ourselves. I personally believe that the listener does not only hear the sounds, but also feels the frequencies and what the artist creates there in the creative process, because everything is vibration and frequency.

And why I still make music today is that I  enjoy making, experimenting with different genres and playing this music, seeing how it changes the (inner) world of so many people!

With love,