Creation Of LIfe

Birth into creation through the source

Breathing in and out.

It is a manifestation through liquid light and waters into this universe

By diving into that energetic vortex from which all creation begins.

At this 0 point of creation


Every time you look at this picture, you will notice new patterns emerging

Each work of art is unique and unique, just like a person 🙂


For use in meditation:

Gaze it for a few minutes and breathe deeply and slowly. And slowly begin to breathe this symbol into the third eye. Feel how your third eye area begins to pulsate and vibrate. Make a intention to your higher self to support you on this journey. Breathe in these Light Codes and Frequencies Through this symbol and feel them with your whole being. Listen and feel what messages are coming through.

Close your eyes and sit quietly and allow. thank yourself for being you and thank your heart, and smile 😊