MER bodywork opens doors to the deeper levels in your body and energy field

What is MER Bodywork

MER (Myofascial Energetic Release) massage, i.e. energetic release of muscle-connective tissue, is a very powerful and effective tool to release emotions, stuck energies, traumas, tension and pain stored in the cellular memory level from the body.
Through the deep body work and breathing, you can access these “hidden” places, release holding patterns, locked emotions from the body level.

During this experience, I also use sound healing and energy healing if necessary, creating a complete body – frequency experience.

With the stretching of the connective tissue, the body begins to open up, the emotions that are holding onto it begin to release from the body.
By releasing suppressed emotions, more space is created in the body, and through the expansion of space, more energy is created in the body.

Connective tissue is closely related to the nervous system. With connective tissue stretching, repressed emotions begin to move and are released.

With the accessing of supressed emotions, deep and strong physical releases occur even relieving chronic diseases. Often repressed emotions emerge as (chronic) illnesses.

By releasing emotional tension from the body, visible healing occurs.

It is a versatile and in-depth approach that combines physical bodywork, breathing, energy balancing, and channeling awareness into one harmonious whole.

MER is a unique form of manual therapy, during this journey the reciever proactively takes part in a self-session – through awareness, presence, breathing and movement.

If we do not take care of our physical well-being, eventually other areas of life will suffer.

Body memory carries a lot of information. Often behind tensions and physical ailments there are a large number of repressed emotions, which have been stored in the connective tissues over time and which unconsciously keep the body tense and alert.

But when we begin to release these hidden emotions at the body level, significant and even transformative life changes occur.

It brings clarity, peace, balance, joy, expansion and presence.

By releasing from the body level everything that no longer serves you, you can grow and expand to a more conscious life, through which you can rise to new heights and move to a new level in life.

What are the Benefits?

  • Helps to release tension, leading to a deep state of relaxation.
  • Opens up energy channels, helping to balance the body’s natural energy flow.
  • Helps to increase mobility and flexibility by supporting the body’s natural movement..
  • The techniques involved in MER help reduce stress and anxiety, bringing inner peace.
  • Helps to release emotional blockages, better connection with your inner world.
  • Greater clarity, confidence and self-love.
  • Contentment, ease,, joy

It is also a fine-tuning and restructuring of energy. Absolutely everything we resolve, accept and make peace with creates an external reality. Because of this, your frequency also changes, and the old reality cannot exist in this new frequency.

So the very fact that you are interested in deeper practices is a very big change!


I am often asked how many sessions do I need or what would be the recommended number of sessions?
I recommend starting a sessions with a course over three or four sessions, in a short period of time (every few days or once a week for 1 month)
The course helps to get deeper results and implement what has been achieved. However, the number of times varies from person to person.
This is enough to perceive the changes that take place on both a physical and emotional level, and with this you can make a decision whether this form of therapy is suitable for you.


Book a time for yourself for a nice MER Massage – a body journey.

Time: 2.5 hours

Price 150€/

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