Soundhealing for

Come relax in the sounds that take you on your inner journey, free your mind, and allow yourself to be!

I offer the opportunity to invite me to create soundscapes at your event. I am also ready to conduct various practices, cosmic dance / ecstatic dance that support collective activities and unify the team.

Bring joy, clarity, presence and peace to your collective.

Individual Sound healing sessions

Maybe you don’t like going on group journeys, but you want a deeper individual approach. If so you can make an appointment with me for a personal session.

During this I usually use also energy work as well as deep point pressures in the body to support even more expansion in this experience.

MER Massage &

MER or Connective deep tissue massage & bodywork, opens doors to deeper levels in your body and energy fields. 

Through deep body work and breathing, you can access these “hidden” places, holding pattenrss, locked & suppressed emotions and release them from the body.

In this experience I also use energy healing and sound therapy, creating a whole body – frequency experience.


Session duration 2-2.5h


f you want to enrich your event with a deep cosmic dance journey,

On an ecstatic dance journey, we forget everything outside and allow ourselves to travel into our inner space in full presence, through different levels of sound, music, we allow our bodies to feel freely, to flow through time and space, in sound waves, soundscapes and rhythm.


I will be happy to perform a cosmic dance set for your birthday, wedding, company event, summer event or festival.


I have done various graphic design jobs. gift cards, event banners, logos, card pack designs, business cards, etc.

You can see the completed works  here.

If you resonate with my signature and you are currently looking for a graphic designer, I am here for you.


String art

String Art is frequency encoded mandala art.

A special order is your one-of-a-kind, string-art style piece of art.

For special orders, I base on the customer’s wishes and details. Usually, a couple of keywords are enough to convey the energy of this work. The rest just happens naturally. I create a geometric image through my own intuition, deep feeling and awareness.

If you are interested in a special order – a piece created especially for you (in all sizes and variations, with/without UV light)

If you like to take care of your home / temple and decorate it in a special way, you like visual and unique works of art, then this is the art you might like.


I am sound engineer and producer. If you are interested in any services regarding sound engineering, then get in touch 🙂


If you have any other ideas, offers or something that you want to discuss, please contact me.