Art I Am Music

Being in Hardstyle music scene for almost 10 years and now reconnected to the sound frequencies that come and speak through the soul.

Art I Am is conscious DJ & producer. He creates Music and arts to bring more people to create from the source, to see the art in everything, to create a mass shift in awareness of the self.

 All music is made with love and big intention to help all, to bring us closer and more aligned and re-connected. I personally believe that the listener does not only hear just the sounds but also feels the frequencies and intentions emitted by the artist in the process of creation.

For me, music means the dance of life, art. Music and sounds are powerful tools through which you can go on deeper journey into yourself. As it’s said: “music is medicine”

“"Music and sounds are pure expressions of creation. .”. 
The World, which is invisible, but felt. Perceived on all levels.”

It is like a journey to another world, another dimension. Space, outside of time.

I believe that it’s possible to change our current understanding of “life” through music and sounds, into a more co-creative loving environment, where we all move further closer back to our true being.

More to the heart. More to the presence. To the now.

The music that Art I Am performs and produces is a very wide spectrum of downtempo, psybass, psychilli, ambient, tribal, house,  meditative and everything that feeds the soul and reconnects the heart.

I want to share these sounds and touch people’s hearts and souls. My journey/mission is to raise the collective frequency through music and art created from the space of the heart.


On an ecstatic dance journey, we forget everything outside and allow ourselves to travel into our inner space in full presence, through different levels of sound, music, we allow our bodies to feel freely, to flow through time and space, in sound waves, soundscapes and rhythm.
The described effects of ecstatic dance include a sense of connection with others and the dancer’s own emotions. It’s like meditation, offering a way to deal with stress and restore peace within.
Such deep expansions have taken place precisely through dance, because when dancing and generally experiencing music with your whole body, you can access your suppressed emotions, memories, feelings and release them through dance and movement
Some tracks can touch so deeply. Again, it all depends on how far you allow yourself to go on this journey
“Forget the dancer, become the dance. This is meditation. Dance so deeply that you forget that ‘you’ are dancing”
Most importantly – Drop all the expectations and allow life to surprise you, because that’s how you allow experience to arise, which is for your highest good.
Let the music and sounds flow and raise your awareness to higher frequencies through dancing, experiencing and feeling.
You can Invite me to perform Cosmic Dance set or sound healing at your event too!