Sound is a portal to move through different states of consciousness. Multidimensional journey into the inner cosmos of self ✨

Sounds play a very important role in our world. We are surrounded by sounds every day, but the question is whether we are aware of what sounds and music we consume on a daily basis.

Are these frequencies in harmony with us or instead create disharmony?

What is Sound Therapy

Sound therapy is the healing of the body through oscillating wave frequencies and vibrations produced by various instruments. It is one of the most powerful tools for changing and transforming energy, grounding, etc… and also releasing the energies that no longer serve us. Experiencing sounds in this way gives us the opportunity to change our state of consciousness. 
Sound therapy is a very good way to relax the body and mind and it also helps to reduce stress. During sound therapy, the brain waves balance and move from beta wave frequency (Waking state) to theta and delta wave frequency (Deep Meditation).
Sound is wave frequency and vibration, just like our body, organs, cells are. There are many different scientific studies on how sound frequencies and vibrations affect different materials and elements. For example one area is Cymatics  or the experiments with water by the Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto, rice experiment, where he put rice with water in 3 glasses. To one he said blissful words such as “I love you”, another was told “I hate you” and the third was ignored. After a few weeks, the one to whom he said beautiful words began to ferment and a new life began to emerge there. The other 2 started to rot and mold. This is where the question arises, if our body consists mostly of water (70-80%), how do sounds affect us on a subtle and cellular level?
Energy is  energy in motion  – it’s like water, which should move and flow freely. The more we suppress our feelings, don’t say things we want to say, don’t live out our feelings etc… the more this energy condenses and solidifies, creating tensions, pain, complications, diseases and disharmony in our bodies, because the energy doesn’t move freely. The sound harmonizes and helps it to move further. So it is quite common that different feelings, thoughts, emotions may come up during a sound healing session
During the journey, a person experiences a deep meditative state, where the body relaxes and the mind rests, and in the process the work of the nervous system is restored. 
Immersed in sound, you can feel and listen to the music with your whole body. Sound frequencies break through blockages in the body (including suppressed emotions, tensions, thought patterns) through which one can reach a deep journey into the inner cosmos and connect with one’s innate being in a place where time and space disappear.

Benefits of Sound Therapy

I will also share with you a little deeper information about what bathing in sounds does to our body in addition to the fact that with the help of sounds it is possible to go on deep journeys and out-of-body experiences.
Sound frequencies have many other good benefits for our body:
  • Sound waves penetrate the body, stimulate the production of red blood cells and open the blood supply to the organs of the whole body.
  • Since our body consists of 70-80% water, sounds are ideal conductors of vibrations that carry these frequencies to all parts of the body.
  • The sounds of the crystal sound bowl massage the tissues and organs, balancing the central nervous system
  • Therapeutic meditative sounds balance the left and right hemispheres of the brain
  • Create an alkaline environment in the body
  • They support the work of the kidneys and liver
  • Voicing and vocalization activate our parasympathetic or autonomic nervous system and reduce tension in the body;
  • Helps to relax muscles
It is also a fine-tuning and restructuring of energy. Everything we resolve, accept and make peace with ourselves creates an external reality. Nothing is outside of us


Just the fact that you are interested in deeper practices is a very big change!

What is Voice?

The voice is our most powerful instrument, our deep inner power lies in the voice.
Have you realized that the voice is our self-expression, self-confidence, authenticity and genuineness? Our expression to the world. How we present and share ourselves.
Do you dare to express yourself through your most powerful instrument, overcome any limiting beliefs you have about your voice? I had very big limitations and blockages with my voice. I had silenced myself when I was 7 years old, I was quite a closed person – unable to express myself clearly. As soon as I started working with my voice, discovering my own voice, my self-expression began to expand, I began to express myself more freely and boldly
By releasing these limitations and beliefs, you can truly get in touch with the frequencies and potentials within you. It’s powerful! It is impossible to even describe it in words.
People who say they can’t sing or voice start sounding like wonderful instruments. By creating a harmony within yourself and radiating it outward.
We all have this magical sound frequency that vibrates within us.


And through this journey we unlock it’s limitless potential.

“Every single ONE of us is a unique VIBRATION in a beautiful Symphony of Infinite CREATION.”

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Group Sessions

Come relax in the sounds that take you on your inner journey, free your mind and allow yourself to be.
You can find information about the upcoming sound healing events here .

Individual Sessions

Maybe you don’t like going on group journeys, but you want a deeper individual approach. If so you can make an appointment with me for a personal session.

During this I usually use also energy work as well as deep point pressures in the body to support even more expansion in this experience.

For your event

I offer the opportunity to invite me to create soundscapes for your event. I am also ready to conduct various practices, voice opening circles,  ecstatic / cosmic dance. that support joint activities and unify the team. Bring joy, clarity and peace to your team.