Inner Eye Vision

This journey helps to activate your inner eye. The potential of inner vision.
Your inner vision is how you saw the world as a small child. Colorfully, vividly, mysteriously and charmingly. Where everything was possible, until one moment when that vision began to slowly close. Pressure from society, parents, friends, etc.
Allow it to activate. To see the world again as you saw it as a small child. Where everything was magical, everything you could imagine existed.
The sound waves in this journey are created in 432hz tuning and utilize Theta and Delta brainwave frequencies.
432Hz is the frequency with which everything in our Universe resonates and which is also called the “miracle tone”
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These sounds balance the hormonal and nervous systems.
Experiencing a sound journey can bring up different emotions and releases of bodily tension, which is also an emotional detox and the release and dissolution of blockages.
The most important thing is to be fully  relaxed, allow to experience occur and be an observer.
When doing a soundjourney, it is important to be in a place where no one disturbs you, and for the better experience I suggest you to listen to this journey by lying down, because then the body is completely relaxed and rested.
For best results, be sure to listen with headphones🎧
  • ✧ set an intention for what you want to experience from this journey
  • ✧ create a safe space for yourself with your own energies – know that you are always taken care of
  • ✧ pull yourself back to your center from all time spaces (past, future) to this moment which is here and now. “I pull my strength and power and energies back to my center from all the places”
  • ✧ Connect with your breath and relax all over your body
  • ✧ Connect with your higher self and your spirit body
  • ✧ Ground yourself in this experience by visualizing that you are connecting to the core of the inner earth.
  • ✧ and quietly allow the sounds to carry you where you want to travel
  • ✧ Intention = prayer – you can also make other intentions for your highest good.
  • ✧ After the sound journey, it is important that you pull yourself back to your center. “I pull myself completely back into my center in pure unaffected form”
I will be grateful if you also share your experience, what you felt, how you felt yourself, sensations, insights, etc.
After the journey, be sure to drink a lot of water and, if possible, ground yourself either by taking a plunge in cold water, being in contact with the ground with bare feet, or going to the sauna (if it seems that it is physically difficult to be and adapt) because these sounds go deep down to the cellular level.
Usually 2-3 days after that one can feel such cleansing, integration
You can feel different emotions, it’s all ok and everything that happens to you is fine 🙂
The most important thing is to have trust, becaause otherwise you wouldn’t have come here to experience     it
Thank you for being there and I wish you wonderful moments from the bottom of my heart!